Zboară către o nouă carieră cu GOTO.
Parcarea aeroportului din Cluj-Napoca
Cluj-Napoca Airport Parking

Park safely fast close
at GOTO Parking

Among cars, for people!

GOTO Parking, the airport parking lot in Cluj, is the place of the most exciting reunions

Plătești rapid costul parcării.Parchezi aproape de intrarea în aeroportParchezi în siguranță
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Kiss & Fly

Designed to reduce traffic at airport terminals, Kiss & Fly is a parking area specially reserved for quick stops, free of charge for up to 5 minutes, where it is not necessary to leave the car.

Free parking for bicycles and motorcycles.

Come by bike or motorbike and park for free right next to the airport entrances.
We have dedicated places for you and it only costs you a smile!
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Full safety

Our car park has a night lighting system, a 24/7 video monitoring system and is constantly guarded by a security company so that you can always feel completely safe.

1 Year = 2 Premiere

We are the first airport parking lot in Romania where:

Access is made by recognizing the registration number.
Payment can be made through the mobile application.
Discover our history

More ways, less time wasted

Pay fast without queues without stress

Our parking lot has 4 payment machines, a payment point served by an operator and payment in the application.

At payment machine

You can pay in cash or by card at one of the 4 payment machines.

In the application

You pay directly from your mobile phone without getting out of the car.

At payment point

You can pay in cash or by card at the payment point served by an operator.
Zboară către o nouă carieră cu GOTO.
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Căutăm un casier cu minim 2 ani experiență pe un rol similar, căruia îi place să lucreze cu oamenii și se pricepe la numere.

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